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My brother and I have been blacktopping driveways in Gettysburg for over 25 years.
With local quarries available to us, we can have your driveway paved in no time.

We have all equipment necessary including a paver and roller as well as the dump trucks to bring in the blacktop. If Stone is what you prefer, we can do that too! In addition, we can widen existing driveways as well as install drainage pipes and ditches.

Check Out our Lastest Paved Driveway that we paved for a Customer in Fairfield, PA!

Here is a Stone Driveway we just installed this Summer for a customer here in Gettysburg

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Partners: Timothy E. Arentz and Samuel L. Arentz
1549 Taneytown Road * Gettysburg, PA 17325
(717) 334-1469 Office (717) 334-0660 Fax
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