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Septic System Basics
Just a few things a homeowner should know about their Septic Systems.

Septic tanks should be pumped out to remove sludge and scum every 3 to 5 years.

DON'T overload the system; for example, avoid doing several loads of laundry after several baths or showers.

DON'T pour grease, oil, strong chemicals, or medicines down the drain; they can kill the bacteria that decompose waste in the spetic tank and can clog the drain field.

DON'T flush non-biodegradable items (such as disposable diapers) into the septic tank.

DON'T overuse a garbage disposal.

DON'T rely on septic tank additives to substitute for periodic tank cleaning and pumping; they actually may be harmful to your system.

For a list of local licensed septic service companies call the Adams County Department of Environmental Services at 337-9827.

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